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Even more on (de)crescendos

From: nel
Subject: Even more on (de)crescendos
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 15:16:24 -0200
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Sorry for the repeated posts; I shall try to be more to-the-point
next time.

I played a little more with older versions of lily, (1.3.99 and
1.3.103), and not only the crescendos start/stop on the "right"
place, dynamic marks such as "p" on the starting note are shifted
horizontally to the left to prevent clashing; that is, the code
in 1.3.99 and 1.3.103 does everything "the right way".

I tried version 1.3.110 too and it behaves like 1.3.115, i.e.,
"wrong", which means the change happened between 1.3.104 and 1.3.109;
the changelog mentions crescendos in 1.3.107.uu1.

Hey, you're the one who asked for bug reports! ;-)

See you,

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