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Placement of (de)crescendos again

From: nel
Subject: Placement of (de)crescendos again
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2000 14:12:28 -0200
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Han-Wen wrote:

> I can sympathize with your experience, but see no opportunity to fix
> things now; I'd really like to get Lily stable and revise the
> documentation. Maybe you can repost your gripes after we've started
> hacking on 1.5.

By all means, I couldn't agree more; I'd just like to point out that
Lily's behaviour regarding the (de)crescendo marks has changed; I tried
version 1.3.99 and it does exactly what I suggested: crescendos start
at the begining of the first note and end at the beginning of the last
note. Maybe this is due to some code rewrite, but maybe  it's only a
small bug that can be easily "fixed".

BTW, I tried the patch for 1.3.115 and everything worked fine (except
for the "transposing" thing, which has probably a new syntax I don't know).



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