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Re: Lily's fonts

From: John Sankey
Subject: Re: Lily's fonts
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 12:55:20 -0500 (EST)

Han-Wen: "I believe John uses Times iso. Computer Modern, exactly to
avoid the penalty of bitmap fonts."
Correct - \usepackage{times} in my TeX envelope file puts just a map
to the default PostScript text font included in all PostScript
viewers and printers into the ps file. The only actual fonts in the
ps files are the Lily music fonts.

Mats: "The Lilypond specific files were certainly  bitmapped unless
you made a big effort to get the Type3 vector fonts."
I didn't know vector fonts existed. Where can I get them? If
CorelDraw can't handle them, Adobe Illustrator surely will.

Han-Wen: "It has been possible to override placement of rests for
over a half year now."
Do you mean that I can now say: put an r4 on the bass staff centered
on a and an r8 on the treble staff centered at d', when there are
other notes on both autochange staves in the same column? (i.e. for a
5-part fugue - in separate voices of course) That's what I've been
waiting for.

But the truth is, the real reason I would love to be able to tweak
the ps output is to avoid the present situation, where every single
last special detail I need has to be suggested to Han-Wen, he has to
feel it's worthwhile to implement in concert with everything else
Lily does, then he has to find time to code it into Lily, then I have
to put in that new version of Lily without impacting the old version
on which my existing files depend (I've never managed that yet, by
the way - something has always been hit), then learn how to use new
command syntax that goes with the new version. With a graphical
tweaker, all this delay and work could be avoided for weird one-off
things. And, Lily could stay cleaner, supplying only the mainstream
of typesetting, rather than every last quirk of all those old

BTW, don't forget that I'm providing scholarship-standard proofread
notation - the moment I use a new program, everything has to be
proofread again to certify that it is correct. That's why it's so
much more work for me to change versions than for most Lily users.


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