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Re: Lily's fonts

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Lily's fonts
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2000 17:18:28 +0100

address@hidden said:
> Corel says that "the file contains fonts (the musical symbols)
> rendered as part curves, part bitmaps", and that fonts are not
> supposed to be that way. Is this mix inherent to Lily? or is it
> something that TeX+dvips is doing? Is there any way of getting 'legal'
> vector fonts out of the system? (The files Corel got were generated in
> Linux, but new ones will be from NT, if that makes a difference.)

address@hidden said:
> May I suggest that you try (or at least experiment) with a recent 1.3
> version? It has been possible to override placement of rests for over
> a half year now.  It is also possible to make Adobe Type-3 vector
> fonts of the feta font, but also I doubt whether CorelDraw can handle
> those. 

The question is also what happened to the text fonts included
in the file. The Lilypond specific files were certainly 
bitmapped unless you made a big effort to get the Type3 vector
fonts. Is your TeX system setup to give Type1 or bitmapped fonts
for ordinary text? Could it be that the error message complained
about that some fonts were bitmapped and others were vector fonts,
otherwise I don't understand it.


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