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Re: miktex-cygwin+lily linkage problem (both ways)

From: Shamus
Subject: Re: miktex-cygwin+lily linkage problem (both ways)
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 10:42:59 -0700

>LaTeX will find an input file if it is either in the default
>search paths (with an updated file database) or if the path
>is included in the variable TEXINPUTS. The normal solution 
>for Lilypond on Windows is probably the latter, but I thought
>that this was set automatically in ly2dvi. I pass the
>question back to James or someone else who has managed to 
>run Lilypond on Windows, do you have TEXINPUTS set in the

As you suspect, I do indeed use TEXINPUTS and have it set up like this:

set LILYPONDPREFIX_DOS=c:\temp\lilypond\cygnus.98\share\lilypond

On John's setup he would have that first one set like this:

set LILYPONDPREFIX_DOS=c:\cygwin\usr\lilypond-1.2.17.jcn1\share\lilypond

-- Shamus

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