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RE: HOWTO: lilypond-1.3.98 on win32, Jeff Henrikson

From: John Sankey
Subject: RE: HOWTO: lilypond-1.3.98 on win32, Jeff Henrikson
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 13:05:01 -0400 (EDT)

MB: "I hope John has seen all the recent discussions on Windows
installation of Lilypond in this list."

They weren't up until recently on the archive - now I have. Part of
the problem is that I'm installing an older version of Lily for
compatibility with my previous work, and for the same reason I don't
use ly2dvi. The current version is installed very differently. I'll
go through Shamus' set list tonight - TEXINPUTS should get the latex
problem anyway.

Trust me, Jan :) If you can put together a W32 Lilypond that installs
as easily as W32 Miktex or W32 Python, you will get a lot more
musicians using Lily! I had awful problems with Linux, and still am -
my only really painful problem with W32 so far was with Cygwin. I'm
setting everything up from DOS in the fervent hope that I can get rid
of Cygwin some day...

BTW, Python puts the neatest graphic you have ever seen into the NT
filemanager to identify .py files. Anyone know how this was done so
the Lily graphic (with some colour added) would identify .ly files?


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