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Sample score -- problems

From: Peter Schaffter
Subject: Sample score -- problems
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 21:59:44 -0400
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Howdy all!

I've debated with myself against posting an entire score, but
the problems I've been having since June are still with me.  If
anyone has the time, could you look at this score and tell me:

1.  Why does this take over an hour to process?  I've pushed
        and popped till I'm blue in the face, but ly2dvi still
        takes way, way, way too long to digest this.

2.      Why, even though I've told lily to put articulations _over_
        the notes (both with a \pushed property AND using the ^ to
        attach articulations to notes) do my articulations come out
        _under_ the notes?

3.      Why do tied chords not obey explicit instructions concerning
        the directions of the ties?  Even though I've instructed
        lily to place ties "up" in, say, the soprano part, whenever
        there's a chord that needs to be tied, the ties appear in
        both directions.

4.      Why do some ties appear as straight lines, instead of
        curves?  (This happens a lot with small ties.)

5.      How do I get slurs over beamed chords to go from stem to
        stem, not note to note?  The specific problem I have is with
        a chord composed of the notes <g c d> tied to a single note
        "e" afterwards.  Even though I've used

                \property Voice.slurBeginAttachment = #'stem
                \property Voice.slurEndAttachment = #'stem

        the slur goes from the "d" (upper note of the chord) to the
        "e", whereas, given that the chord contains a major second
        (c-d), the stem actually belongs to the c.  (The problem
        occurs in the second 6/8 bar of the soprano part.)

This score is still not perfect with respect to placement of
dynamics.  Also, some of the padding is off (notably the
sustainpedal).  However, given the incredible amount of time it
takes to test out even so much as one change (over an hour), I'm
posting the score as is.  And, FWIW, the version of lily I'm
using is 1.3.94.

Peter Schaffter
15, chemin Brunette, RR2 CP 406
Ste-Cécile-de-Masham (Québec)

A confirmed GNU/Linuxer. Sorry, I don't do Windows.

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