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Re: HOWTO: lilypond-1.3.98 on windows32

From: James Hammons
Subject: Re: HOWTO: lilypond-1.3.98 on windows32
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 13:00:07 -0700

> Arg.
> No no no.  *Don't* do this, we'll get all kinds of different bug reports.

Err, maybe for the stable release?  This is (mostly) how JBR packages his NT
installs (& the reason I like to do it this way is that it keeps things
*very* simple)...

> > BTW, Jan:  Is it possible for you to set your cross compile target to
> > instead of i686 (or at least, i586)?  I think that's the source of the
> > troubles I was having with my machine at home...
> That's all the same, really.

Is it?  Doesn't that tell configure (or make) what the type of processor to
optimize for?  If so, then having such a high processor requirement will
leave lily useless for a lot of people (personally, I have an i586 at

-- Shamus

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