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Lilypond "jazz" chords...

From: James Hammons
Subject: Lilypond "jazz" chords...
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 14:22:29 -0700

>Since I can't mail you from my regular address - address@hidden
>- it bounced, you shouldn't reply to this mail, but send any replies
>to my real address: address@hidden

???  Mail you sent to me bounced?  Is this common?

>I just installed lilypond 1.3.98 and it seems a lot has changed
>since 1.3.74 I had before. For instance I cannot get the chord-def's
>you send my to work, so I was hoping that you could find time to look
>at the attached file and tell me what I did wrong. I pasted the jazz-
>sections from the .scm file you send me into the .scm file that comes
>with 1.3.97, but I get's all kinds of errors with the attached .ly-file.
>If I change the chord-style for the two chord sections to "american",
>it compiles just fine...

First of all, it doesn't work as written because there's no 'jazz' style in
chord-names.scm (at least in the one you sent me)!  If all you did was
cut/paste your chord definitions in the american section in chord-names.scm,
then naming it "american" in your .ly file will bring them up.  Look at the
chord-names.scm that I posted to the list, as that shows how it should be
done.  I don't know why my changes weren't incorporated into the latest
distro--it seems clear to me that there is a need for a separate 'jazz'
chord style (besides the fact that a missing seventh chord was added to the
'american' definitions)...

-- Shamus

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