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Re: mode specification

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: mode specification
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 22:42:54 +0200

Please read the comment at the end of ly/


> The attached file illustrates some behavior which I consider a bug,
> but obviously someone put enough work into making it do that that they 
> must have thought it was a feature.
> I would expect all the following key statements to produce the same
> printout:
> c \major;
> d \dorian;
> g \mixolydian;
> a \minor;
> which they do. I would also expect all of these to produce the
> same printout:
> f \major;
> g \dorian;
> c \mixolydian;
> d \minor;
> But they don't.  The major and minor modes are printed as I expect,
> with one flat in the key signature, but the dorian and mixolydian
> modes are printed without a key signature, and with accidentals on all 
> the B's.
> If this is a desirable feature for someone, is there a way for those
> of us who want g \dorian to have a key signature with one flat to get
> that (short of saying that all our g dorian tunes are in f major)?

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