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Re: 1.3.98: Problems ...

From: Paulo da Silva
Subject: Re: 1.3.98: Problems ...
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 19:55:55 +0100

Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
> Use \textscript #"Poco Allegretto."
> Didn't imagine anyone would really type
>     a \textscript "foo"
> instead of a-"foo" (or a^"foo" / a_"foo" ftm).
Well, I used to use \textscript when I need
to specify a format. Ex.: \textscript "FOO" "Italic".
Unfortunately, when I wrote the example I forgot the
"Italic" part :(.
How do you specify "Italic" or "Large" without \textscript?
I got these from the user's manual I think ...
BTW, is it possible to specify both "Italic" and "Large"?

I tried your sugestion:
       \textscript #"Foo" works but
       \textscript #"Foo" "Italic"  (or #"Italic") does NOT.

Thank you.
Paulo da Silva

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