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>100x performance hit on recent win32 builds?

From: Jeff Henrikson
Subject: >100x performance hit on recent win32 builds?
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 06:05:26 -0400

I was having a huge performance problem with a new download of 1.3.94 a couple 
of days ago, and just ended up avoiding the problem
by going back to good old 1.3.46.  Now I need a new feature in 1.3.97 and am 
more annoyed.  Basically, I am getting at least 100x
slower performance on most every .ly file I run.  Eg,


takes over 3 minutes.  Not specific to  The stall is after the 
"calculating column positions" message, which used
to pass in less than a second.  I don't remember the exact file or numbers, but 
whe n I was measuring 1.3.94 it was like a 300x

I can't imagine that any algorithm is really taking that long.  We're not 
talking 10^6 equations and unknowns here, so this has
gotta be a suspend that's timing out or something.  It would explain the 
(presumed) OS dependence.  I'm running win98 first

**BTW**, these builds are missing their ice-9 directory and I have to copy them 
from an old release to get anything to run at all.
I am presuming that since ice-9 is all scheme code this is not the source of my 

Back to 1.3.46 . . .

Jeff Henrikson

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