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Bug: Fingering over grace notes

From: Chris Sawer
Subject: Bug: Fingering over grace notes
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 20:34:39 BST

Firstly - thanks for the fix for the last bug / feature I mentioned 
(repeat symbols appearing at the beginning of a piece). However, I have 
discovered the following bug in Lily 1.3.96.

When placing a fingering mark over a normal note which has a grace note 
attached to it, the fingering appears over the grace note instead. The 
following piece of mudela demonstrates the problem:

\score {
\notes \context Voice = VA \relative c'' {
        \grace {[b8^1 c^2]} d4^3
\paper {linewidth = -1.;}

When I compile this on my system, the b gets a "1" above it, and then a 
"3" above that. The c gets a "2" above it, and the d gets nothing.

Many thanks for the continuing development on a very useful program, 
and one which produces increasingly beautiful output!

Chris Sawer

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