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comment on the LilyPond documantation

From: Atte André Jensen
Subject: comment on the LilyPond documantation
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 14:44:22 +0200 (CEST)


After finding LilyPond hard to figure out I downloaded mup, and one thing
really strug me: The documentation of mup is *much* better than that of
LilyPond. For an outsider like me to figure out what Lily does I have to
guess, ask here (with answers only hinting at the solution) and try to
figure everything out from the examples. I also downloaded MusiXTeX - also
with excelent documentation. Donno if this is due to the ongoing change in
LilyPond, but still.

Now, Mup is shareware, so in order to make money they have have a clean
docu. But I really feel this is something important that needs attention
for Lily to reach out to "the people". Needless to say, I'd much prefer to
do my work in Lily, since it's open source and have much more elegant

Comments???? Am I the only fool finding it hard to enter "The
World Of LilyPond"

Atte André Jensen

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