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Multimeasure Rests

From: Martin Uddén
Subject: Multimeasure Rests
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 23:43:52 +0200
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>From the reference manual:

>`R' is specifically meant for entering parts: the R rest can expand to fill a 
>score with rests, or it can be printed as a single multimeasure rest.

How can I accomplish the latter? The manual says something about a 
Multi_measure_rest_engraver that voice \consists, but I just get *multiple*
bars with rests.

                \time 4/4;
                                \consists "Multi_measure_rest_engraver"; }

Produces the error "warning: unbound spanner `multi-measure rest'" with lily
1.3.91 and the output is corrupted/strange. I suspect a bug.
  Should the R-rests automaticly collapse to a single multimeasure rest if
engraved in such a context?

        martin udden | address@hidden
Jazz ain't dead, it just smells funny -- Frank Zappa

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