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Re: Tie issues

From: Scott Ballantyne
Subject: Re: Tie issues
Date: 28 Sep 2000 14:58:37 -0000

> You guys are a class act. It is a privilege to learn from you.
> It is a problem that musical authorities are:
>         1) Always wrong.
>         2) Never in doubt.
> Is there a causal relationship here? :-)

"While speaking of accidentals, I must state my opinion concerning
their employment. Our forerunners followed the correct practice of
placing an accidental before each altered note which did not succeed
itself directly. Today, one accidental is considered sufficient for
several such notes. Accidental signs must be used generously to
clarify unexpected modulatory shifts and their occasional resultant

From: "Versuch uber die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen" by J.C. Bach
(Edition of 1787)

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