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Re: choir music

From: Roy . Rankin
Subject: Re: choir music
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 11:43:42 +1100 (EST)

David does not indicate what version he is using, but I first started to
see this same thing with about 1.3.85. It did not happen in 1.3.71. In
my case I have 4 part choir music, but when only one part is active the
staff spacing is almost double the spacing that a single part with
lyrics uses. This is a problem in that I have a score which now runs a
page longer in 1.3.89 than it did in 1.3.71.

If this change is intentional, how do I get the old behaviour?

Another thing I notice running David's score is that the "Lily was here"
message appears both on the last and second to last page. I also see
this in my 7(8) page score.  And again I did not see this in 1.3.71.

Roy Rankin

On 22 Sep, David Ondreka wrote:
> How am I supposed to start a score with a single staff (but several
> lyrics verses) and then later switch to a 4voices/2staffs setting?
> I tried
> \score{
>   <
>     \context Staff = single {  ... }
>     \context ChoirStaff = choir < ... >
>   >
>   \paper{
>     \translator{\HaraKiriStaffContext}
>   }
> }
> which works fine without lyrics. But if I add the lyrics using
> \addlyrics for the two parts lily seems to reserve extra space for 
> an invisible staff below the lyrics which belong to the single line.
> I have attached the .ly file where this problem occurs.
> Furthermore I'd like to know how I can get a \bar "||" at a line 
> break when a \repeat follows the line break. (This was once lily's
> default behaviour, no?)
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions,
> David

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