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[Gnu-music-discuss] A couple of questions...]

From: Simon Adda-Reyss
Subject: [Gnu-music-discuss] A couple of questions...]
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:52:29 +0200


 I'm working on a piano score (with Lilypond 1.2), and there is a couple
of questions I would like to ask about it:

- Is it possible to print "8va-----" octava sopra and bassa?
- So far I couldn't attach a decrescendo to a note, specifying
explicitly WHERE I want to have it printed.
Ex:  [c' \< d e^5 \! d] works, but not c'^\< nor c'_\>. On my score it
gets really messed up...
- More generally, is possible to attach a nuance, not to a particular
note (that is, to a particular staff), but to both staffs (on piano
scores, it appears generally right between the two staffs. Otherwise one
may think that THIS nuance applies only to THAT hand...)?

- Is it possible to print something at the left of the first brace of
the score (the one that is shifted to the right)? Like, for instance,
the "instrument" field of the "header"? (it appears under the subtitle
on my score, definitely not the best place for piano music).

Thank you very much, and please forgive me if I bothered you.

Simon Adda-Reyss

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