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Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Need help and a couple of problems ...

From: Paulo da Silva
Subject: Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Need help and a couple of problems ...
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:56:32 +0100

Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> > Q1. I'm getting the alternatives indicators (is this
> > the word? You know what I mean!) both on treble and
> > bass cleves! How do I get rid off the bass one?
> You mean the prima volta/seconda volta.
> Set the property \property Staff.noVoltaBraces = ##f
Doesn't work! May be we are talking about different things ...
I'm getting the (what is the name for these?)
for the alternative part

           --------------     -----------------
           | 1.         |     |2. 

 above both the treble and bass cleves. It should
 appear only above the treble, isn't it?
> > Q2. Is there a way to put a sign "-", as in r2,
> > on the second measure of bass clef? This is so
> > on the original. Is this legal anyway on a 3/8?
> Yes, all full bar rests should be typeset with
> that symbol, which you specify using 'R4.'.
GOOD! Thank you.
> > 3. Things like xx^1^"Some Text" are overwritten!
This is fine now (1.3.87).


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