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Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Inheritance?

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Inheritance?
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 18:56:46 +0200

> Is there a design document somewhere that discusses why the current
> model was selected? Rather than just criticize and complain, I'd like
> to try to understand things better first, THEN criticize and complain
> :-)

You can find some explanations in the "LilyPond internals" 
document (on the WWW page, click on "Documentation" and then
"internals"). Then, there's a huge design document written
in C++ in the lilypond-1.3.xx/lily/ directory. :)

For your specific question about contexts, I actually think
the section on "Notation Contexts" in the manual explains
it fairly well. Unfortunately, several other parts of the
documentation are completely out of date or missing.

Whenever I or someone else manage to get some time to update
the documentation and is able to spend at least 10% of the time
spent by Han-Wen and Jan on implementations, the documentation
should hopefully get in better shape fairly quickly.


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