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[Gnu-music-discuss] Inheritance?

From: Scott Ballantyne
Subject: [Gnu-music-discuss] Inheritance?
Date: 20 Sep 2000 05:24:07 -0000

In the manual, I read:

  Properties that are set in one context are inherited by all of the
  contained contexts. This means that a property valid for the Voice
  context can be set in the Score (for example) and thus take effect
  in all Voice contexts.

So I tried:

   \notes \context Voice
   \property Voice.tupletBracketVisibility = ##f
   \property Voice.tupletNumberVisibility = ##f
          \remove "Time_signature_engraver";
          \remove "Bar_number_engraver";

But none of the Voice context's in 'first' are affected by the
above. So, either I'm doing something wrong (probably) or there's a
bug either in lilypond or the manual.


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