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Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Need help and a couple of problems ...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [Gnu-music-discuss] Need help and a couple of problems ...
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:21:35 +0200

> Hi,
> I'm using the following fragment from a partiture
> I own to test lilypond. This is copyrighted material.
> So please don't use it for any purpose except as
> an example of the problems I found!
> For lilypond 1.3.85 ...
> Q1. I'm getting the alternatives indicators (is this
> the word? You know what I mean!) both on treble and
> bass cleves! How do I get rid off the bass one?

You mean the prima volta/seconda volta.
Set the property \property Staff.noVoltaBraces = ##f

> Q2. Is there a way to put a sign "-", as in r2,
> on the second measure of bass clef? This is so
> on the original. Is this legal anyway on a 3/8?

Yes, all full bar rests should be typeset with 
that symbol, which you specify using 'R4.'.

> Obs.:
> 1. The slur on the treble clef should continue on
> alternative 2.

This feature is missing in Lilypond as far as I know.

> 2. The REP bar is also printed on the beginning of
> the 1st measure! This didn't happen on the previous
> releases I tested!

Yes, that's a bug (or maybe there should be a property
to turn it on/off).

> 3. Things like xx^1^"Some Text" are overwritten!

That's also a bug.

> I hope you understand my poor english :)

No major bugs! :)


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