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Re: Free Software and the New Sexism

From: Parodper
Subject: Re: Free Software and the New Sexism
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2023 10:21:45 +0200
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O 27/08/23 ás 11:54, Taylan Kammer escribiu:
I genuinely care about sexism.  The commonly recognized kind, that targets 
For nearly 10 years now I've also been following very closely the conflict 
feminists and the transgender movement, mostly siding with the feminists.

The only conflict comes from TERFs, and it's one sided hate.

The most popular CoC, now adopted even by Linux (the kernel), is written by a 
person who identifies as a woman.

No surprise you are transphobic.

This leads to a situation where certain feminist positions are immediately 
branded as
"transphobic" and censored.

Because they are transphobic. See the previous quote.

(It doesn't help that many women, as in female humans,
join in on the knee-jerk reaction, and say that any feminism not 100% 
supportive of
the transgender movement must be "fake,"

Yes. Real feminist don't want anyone to suffer discrimination.

As an example of such knee-jerk reactions and consequent censorship, please 
look into
the Guix mailing list archives from 2022 February and March and make up your 
own mind
on whether I deserved to be hounded out of that community after I've suggested 
CoC should include the word "sex" (as in whether a person is female or male) in 
long list of characteristics based on which a person could be facing 
It's quite astonishing to me that this was omitted in the first place.

Because it isn't. See line 11 on

I suspect I will be chased off from many more places where I share this, 
because of
this illogical conflation of ideological criticism with "hateful" views.

Nah, it's because no one wants to hear another rambling about CoCs which amount to «I've said bad things and they expel^W cancelled me for no reason».

As for this poster, it violates the last post of the Kind Communication Guidelines, so this thread should be closed.

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