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Re: It is not easy to tell people about freedom

From: Kaz Kylheku (gnu-misc-discuss)
Subject: Re: It is not easy to tell people about freedom
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2020 10:47:41 -0800
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On 2020-11-07 14:49, Akira Urushibata wrote:
Interesting story.

Thank you.

Does the current translation of show anywhere
inconsistencies in that context?

The current Japanese translations of GNU documents uses "jiyuu"
throughout.  The changes were made when Mr. Yutaka Niibe (widely known
as "gNiibe") took over as maintainer.

Sadly, the damage has been done.  The change came too late.  People
who say "jiyuu sofutouea" is a small minority.  It his hard to change
this for the Japanese in general do not like to break with the status

It seems it might be hard to convince people not to use "furii sofutouea"
when all they have to do is look at English-language materials and see
that "free software" is being used. Won't some people thing, "why must we
shun 'furii sofutouea' in Japanese, when English speakers call it
'free software'?"

The word jiyuu is not free (pun intended) from subversion. An entire
discount clothing chain in Japan is called GU (gee-yu, get it?).
It provides a shopping experience and products that resemble Uniqlo,
but at lower prices.


 "[GU] is fully owned by the company Fast Retailing, which is better
 known as the owner of the retail chain Uniqlo. The name is a pun of
 the word jiyū (自由, free), meaning free from high cost clothing."

The company themselves dress this up (pun intended) in some glibly
vague marketing spin about the connection between improving oneself
and donning some new rags:

Quote (manual transcription from image):


Which says something like:

 The freedom to renew yourself.
 Just by changing clothes a little, you change.
 The forward-looking you, that you you wanted to become,
 a never-before-seen you.
 Each day, we all encounter a new version of ourselves.
 Comfortable clothes in fresh styles. In the current mood,
 only more freely.
 GU is freedom.

We shouldn't pin too much hope on the power of one word.

Why it's not easy to tell people about freedom is that most
people don't have the background to understand how software
is built using compiled languages, or the background in copyright.

Even when they understand that "free" is "as in speech", that
does not inform them. However, it could inspire curiosity in
some people, to ask the question: how can a program be free
as in speech? So for that, it's helpful to have a precise word
in the first place, so those people's curiosity is unfailingly
connected with the right concept.

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