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Re: Gow, Cygwin alternative refers to GNU programs as open source UNIX t

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Gow, Cygwin alternative refers to GNU programs as open source UNIX tools
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 03:41:20 +0300
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* Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <> [2020-10-28 00:24]:
> > there is Gow license which is contradictory to GPL license making it
> This is the MIT (Expat) licence.  It is not contradictory to the GPL.

Gow is bundle of manu GNU programs and has the Expat License. Users are 
receiving software and think that it is all one thing.

I understand that GPL could include MIT/Expat licensed software.

But MIT licensed software cannot include GPL licensed software.

Look at it from user viewpoint, user is not asking for GPL software named 
coreutils, it is asking for gow. Gow is installed on system and user can choose 
various packages. Packages are not represented as GNU free software programs, 
rather as UNIX open source tools. Then user looks into the license and finds 
the permissive one.

It is not clearly stated to which software exactly the MIT license belongs, and 
to which software belongs GPL.

Author markets Gow as "Unix command line installer". Don't you think there are 

Then binaries are placed into the Github directory tree, there are no sources 
in git. Sources are then placed in release section.

I am not looking at it strictly, I am looking at it surprised.

Jean Louis

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