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Gow, Cygwin alternative refers to GNU programs as open source UNIX tools

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Gow, Cygwin alternative refers to GNU programs as open source UNIX tools
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 17:43:01 +0300
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On this page accessible with LibreJS turned on:

There is useful tool Gow that runs GNU programs on Windows, quote:

Gow - The lightweight alternative to Cygwin

Download Installer | Home Page | FAQ

Gow (Gnu On Windows) is the lightweight alternative to Cygwin. It uses a 
convenient NSIS installer that installs over 100 extremely useful open source 
UNIX applications compiled as native win32 binaries. It is designed to be as 
small as possible, about 18 MB, as opposed to Cygwin which can run well over 
100 MB depending upon options.

Here are a couple quotes from happy Gow users:

    "Gow is one of the few things that makes Windows bearable/usable"

    "I use Gow constantly. It's awesome."

    "I just wanted to let you know that the GOW Suite is simply great - it is 
far lighter than the Cygwin tool, and is extremely useful. "

Features and Benefits

    Ultra light: Small, light subset (about 18 MB) of very useful UNIX
    binaries that do not have decent installers (until now!).

The issue have been filed: - quote:

 Please refer to GNU programs as such, avoid using trademark UNIX, as
 GNU is Not Unix #260 Open
gnusupport opened this issue Oct 27, 2020 ยท 0 comments
gnusupport commented Oct 27, 2020

You have stated that those are more than open source UNIX tools. This is funny 
and serious in the same time, as GNU is Not Unix is what GNU means (among other 

GNU is Not Unix and it should be well known fact. Naming those tools UNIX are 
also in violation of trademarks. GNU programs never name its programs as "UNIX" 
programs. Reference: so please make 
appropriate credits to GNU, as it is not "UNIX" and UNIX was never even used in 
GNU project.

Another issue is that GNU programs were never called "open source" by the GNU 
project. Please see:

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