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looking for collaborators for free s/w-based research for high school ki

From: Mark Galassi
Subject: looking for collaborators for free s/w-based research for high school kids
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 12:06:23 -0600
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Dear GNU folk,

Last year I ran an experiment in paying students to work with research
mentors on doing computational research deeply rooted in free software.

A description of the Institute for Computing in Research is at:

(note that it has a top level tab called "Software Freedom" :-) )

Last summer we raised funds, hired interns, and had them spend the
summer using a pure free s/w environment to do research.  The result was
fantastic, so this year we significantly increased our scope (more
interns, longer period) and adapted to the pandemic (thanks to Jitsi),
and have had another wonderful summer.

We are based in Santa Fe, NM, USA, and our mentors come from nearby
research places like Los Alamos and the Santa Fe Institute, as well as
local data science and IT companies.

We would like to look at expanding into other cities, and we have a very
careful blueprint of how to carry it out.

We need an enthusiastic researcher or technologist who wants to do
outreach with high school students and might be interested in this.

Please contact me and we can get together to discuss how to make
something like this happen.

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