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Re: The General Public Licence (GPL) as the basic governance tool

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: The General Public Licence (GPL) as the basic governance tool
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2020 14:53:53 +0300
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* Alexandre François Garreau <> [2020-02-25 04:40]:
> Le lundi 24 février 2020, 11:12:09 CET Dmitry Gutov a écrit :
> > On 23.02.2020 23:34, Ludovic Courtès wrote:
> > > I do see that some people do not judge the document for what it
> > > actually says, and I think it’s a pity.
> > > 
> > > Over the last decade I have, again, not been silent about a desire to
> > > work towards a collectively-run GNU.  But I’ve also done a lot for GNU
> > > in that time, and I don’t think it’s useful to view every single
> > > action
> > > of mine as “part of that campaign”.
> > 
> > I think it's a real pity that the first public push for this initiative
> > (which could be beneficial for GNU in the long run) started with you
> > kicking down Richard who had just been unfairly treated by the public
> > and the press in the preceding scandal.
> Oh yes, so much…  I mean democracy is good.  I don’t think many of us 
> sincerely believe autocracy or even monarchy is per se a good value.

I am sorry, which type of democracy you say it is good? I do not know
which one. Not even the original democracy from ancient Greece was
"democracy" as certain groups of people were excluded. Read about
it. Yet, the original definition is that "demos" which means volk or
people, are to rule (kratos), so people rule.

However, there is serious problem with that.

You cannot expect from a not educated person to know how to elect a
president. How can a minor of 18 years old who does not know how to
measure meters or feets or maybe who does not know how to get a job,
elect a president?! That is ridiculous.

Normally a manager of business is electing and choosing his employees,
that is for a reason, manager have more skills, invested money, time,
efforts, organized people, took the greatest deal of
responsibility. He knows how and why.

People elected by manager of such hypothetical business are not as
smart as manager, do not have the responsibility, did not invest the
money, time and effort.

How would such people then be able to "govern" business that is
greater than them?

It would lead to disaster.

Democracy does not exist in this world, and countries you never heard
of being known for democracy such as Tanzania, Uganda, Lybia may have
greater deal of democracy than anywhere else one could find in Europe
or North America. USA is not democracy anyway, call it as you wish,
put a label "democracy", but it is not.

Switzerland in some cantons is asking people to govern some local
questions which is good type of democracy, but in major modern areas
of the world there is no democracy.

Take my example of a manager in business who is electing his
employees, that is the one who is most responsible.

Compare that example to RMS and people who never made any free
software philosophy seminar, but are technically good, however, there
was so much organization, responsibility, time and effort invested for
GNU project to come into existence, now we have few programmers with
few significant pieces of free software, who would like to govern GNU
project, which they did not begin and for which they did not take the
great part of responsibility that RMS took in decades, and they think
that they shall rule. By the way, there is not even "d" of any
democracy in their own "governing".


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