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Re: Shannon Dosemagen and the FSF

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Shannon Dosemagen and the FSF
Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2020 15:45:19 +0200
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I care little about the topic in question (hyperbole about CoC isn't going to take us far), but...

On 01.03.2020 10:44, Andreas R. wrote:
According to the FSF's vice-president and acting president the board is
being stonewalled from within[1] and prevented from keeping the FSF on course.


...this kind of stuff sounds very troubling, about the organization I still want to believe in (all Alexandre's public statements I've seen so far were very much a voice of reason).

Is the best place to raise questions about it also libreplanet-discuss, does anybody know?

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