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Statement on code.NASA project

From: Solal
Subject: Statement on code.NASA project
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 12:45:27 +0200
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The code.NASA project is a catalog of software distributed by the NASA
and which is used by its space projects.
There are some problems in this project :
-Most of software are proprietary, under the NOSA (NASA Open Source
Agreement). NOSA is open source but not free. I call that a POSS license
(Proprietary Open Source Software)[0]. This is a prove of the laxism of
the OSD (Open Source Definition).
-Some software is for a certain group. I understand that critical
software should be reserved for the Government (except the National
Surveillance Agency[1], of course) but some programs are reserved for
Americans. This is very shocking and discriminatory. I do not see why
Americans would be safer than non-Americans. This is pure and simple
racism. Do America need a second Luther King?

[0]: FLCSS (Free/Libre Closed Source Software) exist too, because the
point 9 of the OSD haven't equivalent in the FSD (Free Software
Definition). A FLCSS license is a license which restricts other software
distributed on aggregates. A FLCSS license is surely the ultimate copyleft.
[1]: Beautiful pun about NSA, no?

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