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Bilk contradicts himself. Again.

From: Snit
Subject: Bilk contradicts himself. Again.
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 19:57:09 -0700
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On 7/14/13 7:39 PM, in article phJEt.119455$9q7.95414@fx09.iad, "Mark S
Bilk" <> wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Jul 2013 18:59:36 -0700, Snit wrote:
>> -- 
>> Mark Bilk showing he thinks Linux Torvalds is a psychopath and claiming
>> people should be held accountable for other's actions:
>> <>
> The Usenet article that points to -- posted
> by Snit Michael Glasser -- does not show me saying anything about
> Torvalds, nor saying that "people should be held accountable for
> other's action".  I have never said that Linus Torvalds is a
> "psychopath"; he has performed a great service to humanity.
> Snit Michael Glasser is totally lying, and he repeats this lie
> at least once a day.
> 163 people criticize Snit Michael Glasser's psychopath
> behavior in Usenet:

Two major problems with your BS, above:

1) You start by saying you will not hold me accountable to other's actions
and then end by holding me accountable for another's actions. This shows you
are a hypocrite.

2) You pretend to be the victim of my stating honest comments about you in
my .sig, but you know full well those comments are in response to you lying
about me, as discussed here:

In one short post you show yours persecution complex, your dishonesty, and
your obsession with repeating the same lies.

Amazing how good you are at that!

When Bilk tried to defend his fictions he showed there is:
* No reason to think explosives were planted.
* No reason to think explosives would be stable over that time.
* No method of getting detonators to these explosives.
* No reason to think explosives were involved on 9-11.
See: <> for more info.

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