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GNU/Linux or simply GNU?

From: Fabio Gonzalez
Subject: GNU/Linux or simply GNU?
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 11:38:56 -0300

In a discussion on another list (, I asked
about the inclusion of a software in GNU. One of the things that was
said RMS:

"Si es capaz también de funcionar dentro del Hurd, de manera que
sirva con cualquier núcleo, en ese caso puede ser un paquete GNU."

"If it is able to function within Hurd, so that serves to any kernel
in this case may be a packet GNU"

So why do I say that a program for GNU/Linux. In reality there is a
program for the GNU system, which also works with Linux. As GNU/Linux,
a variant of the GNU system. Because it could be GNU/Hurd, which opine
about it? If a program does not depend essentially Linux. We should
mention that it is a program for GNU instead of GNU/Linux?

I am aware that the GNU system depends on a kernel, but this can be Hurd.

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