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[OT][Contest] InCTF 2012: A national level capture the flag style ethica

From: Sanjay Gopalan
Subject: [OT][Contest] InCTF 2012: A national level capture the flag style ethical hacking contest
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:07:09 -0000
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Hello everyone,
My name is Sanjay Gopalan and I am a student of Amrita University,
Amritapuri, Kerala. The university, in association with Amrita TIFAC
Core in Cyber security, is conducting a national level capture the
flag style ethical hacking contest, InCTF, solely aimed at students.
The contest is similar to several international CTF style contests
such as UCSB's iCTF, RuCTFe etc but participation is limited to
students enrolled in an Indian University only and is being held from
November 2011 to January 2012.

The goal of the contest is to impart to students knowledge of secure
coding practices and the implications of not following them. The
contest features 3 rounds-first round is a learning round, second puts
the learning to test and the final round is the CTF round where teams
will be given a vulnerable Linux machine to defend.
The pre-requisite of the contest is knowledge of a programming
language. Working knowledge of Linux is highly desirable but not
required; learn the required skills while participating in the
contest. The first round is a learning round which imparts the skills
that will be required in the later stages of the contest.
A team can consist of maximum 5 members, all of whom must be from the
same college. There is no registration fee to participate in the
contest. Prizes for the top 5 places: upto Rs. 25000, upto Rs. 20000,
upto Rs. 15000, upto Rs. 10000 and upto Rs. 5000 respectively.
Registrations to the contest are open till December 31st, 2011. Keep
in touch via  Website ( | Email | Facebook  | Twitter

With regards
Sanjay Gopalan
Final Year Computer Science,
Amrita Vishwa VIdyapeetham,

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