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On 2/20/2012 the People's Potential Emerged

From: Erin Meadows
Subject: On 2/20/2012 the People's Potential Emerged
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:07:25 -0000

- As March Fourth Culminates I Say March Forth Songfully All You Heroes 
Because "in politics, weakness is simply the result of believing that 
perfection is unattainable or believing that partisanship is more important 
than collaboration."

Usenet overcame that weakness on 2/20/2012 and thus the true gist of the 
American Revolution and the true global revolution finally became a singular 
tangible reality.

Even if you don't currently consider yourself to be any kind of student 
anywhere, please don't feel excluded. Ultimately, everyone is part of the 
revolution because the revolution, by definition, involves everyone if it is 
truly the universally desirable revolution that has been so anticipated.

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From: "Erin Meadows" <>
Newsgroups: wash.politics
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 9:44 AM
Subject: Your "Re:" Becomes Legend

> Hey Everyone,
> "Re:" to This Bulletin Which Has Been Posted to a Finite Number of 
> Newsgroups Only
> - We All Need 1 Focal Point, at 1 Specific Point in Time, to Combine
> Everyone's Power
> - Let This Bulletin Be that Focal Point
> - Let Now Be That Point in Time
> ----------------------
> ----------------------
> Re: Communications and Youth Power
> This bulletin is traveling via usenet only because all of the other 
> avenues
> fracture and dilute democracy, but the effect of this bulletin will be 
> felt
> throughout all of those other forms of media as the phenomenon spreads and
> expands through social reverberation.
> The simple, crucial, core, Number One question is as to whether we can
> transcend the flaming/trolling/spamming/spoofing mentality and get back on 
> a
> track to gain the rational euphoria of unity.
> Yes!
> All we have to do is write about
> ("The Ultimate Youth Power Breakthrough Moment").
> Momentum should not be taken for granted.
> Right now we have it.
> Never before have students had such a clear chance to grasp the reigns of
> power and jolt the world into what could, until now, only be deemed
> "idealistic."
> Writing about "The Ultimate Youth Power Breakthrough Moment" is much 
> simpler
> than voter registration, and infinitely more effective.
> If we don't write about it now, the momentum will dissipate.
> If we don't use our power, politicians and the media will continue to 
> insult
> our intelligence by vastly underestimating the numerous overwhelming 
> crises
> that we face.
> It's crystal clear that the fate of the world rests squarely in the hands 
> of
> student journalists.
> Because students have a special ability to be very serious while having a
> lot of fun, and that's the only way to really successfully push the real
> solution.
> Make your mark on history with your "Re:" and with your writings in other
> media.
> A public discourse on this subject is certainly welcome.

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