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From: Mark S Bilk
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 19:07:04 -0000
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For more than ten years, there's been a huge flood of lying
anti-Linux propaganda posts sent to COLA, about 500,000 of
them.  Almost all have been posted via anonymous false
identities, like "Lt Cmdr. Gaston J. Feeblebunny".

There is one, and only one, entity that has attacked Linux
over and over again, by many different means, including
anonymous propaganda messages, false advertising, fraudulent
lawsuits, etc., for fifteen years, and that is the Microsoft
Corporation.  It has spent well over $100,000,000 doing this.

In 1998, it was found that a flood of pro-Microsoft propaganda
messages with fake identities were being posted to Usenet
actually from within the domain, by paid Microsoft

The flood of propaganda messages, mostly attacking Linux, using
every variety of lie, obscenity, personal attack, etc, has
never stopped.  But the senders have since employed various
techniques to prevent the messages from being traced back to
their source.

I've compiled a page of links to articles detailing Microsoft's
years of attacks on Linux (which have used many more techniques
than just propaganda messages):

If you read through the sites linked on that page, you'll get
an idea of the extent of evil perpetrated by the Microsoft
Corporation, even though I've only referenced its attacks on
Linux; the company has done many other bad things as well.

Seeing all the references together on one page has a powerful
effect.  One can't say, "That's just a single incident."  You
can see that it's a WAR.

Apparently the Microsoft Corporation really doesn't want people
to read that information, because it has posted through one of
its anonymous identities a totally false warning that my site
is dangerous.  It's not.  I don't use Javascript, Flash, or PHP,
just simple HTML.  Microsoft has anonymously posted similar
bogus warnings against , a site run by
Roy Schestowitz that exposes Microsoft's crimes in great detail.

Microsoft really is evil.  It's hard to accept that at first,
but if you read the evidence, and think about all of it together,
the conclusion is inescapable.

On Dec 6, 10:51 am, "Lt Cmdr. Gaston J. Feeblebunny"
<feeblebu...@invalid.wrong> wrote:
> "Mark S Bilk" <> schreef in 
> > Microsoft Attacks Linux Organization In New York
> > Both "Foster" and "A. van der Berigheid" are identities
> > created by the Microsoft Corporation for the purpose of
> > attacking Linux and its users in Usenet.  This has been
> > going on for many years:
> >
> Mark S Bilk tries to steal your private data from your PC or infest Android
> devices and older Windows machines,
> *please avoid the urls* on his website!!!!!!!!!!!
> His website is reported for further investigation to the 
> FBI:
> > On Dec 5, 4:40 pm, Foster <> wrote:
> >> On Mon, 5 Dec 2011 23:03:03 +0100, A. van der Berigheid wrote:
> >> > <> schreef in bericht
> >> >news:jbhj4c$22s$
> >> >> NYLUG will meet at 6:00 pm in the
> >> >> basement of the
> >> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >> > Hi Jay,
> >> > Are you the sys admin over there?
> >> >
> >> You're giving those oddballs too much credit.
> >> I'll bet the library has them hide in the basement
> >> so they don't stink up the main room and scare the
> >> more socially and hygienically normal patrons away.
> >> --
> >> foster

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