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Re: [ROFL] GCC's GPLv3 "Updated License Exception"

From: Hyman Rosen
Subject: Re: [ROFL] GCC's GPLv3 "Updated License Exception"
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 18:44:20 -0500
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7 wrote:
Really fool?
Read again and replace method with composition.

    What Is Not Protected by Copyright?
    • Ideas, procedures, methods, systems, processes, concepts,
      principles, discoveries, or devices, as distinguished from a
      description, explanation, or illustration

If the compiler generated the same identical piece of code each
time for a switch statement, it's possible that the author of the
code could have copyright in it, but not if that code was the only
way to do the required operation.

As I write the assembler code for how a switch statement is implemented,
then I have copyright over it no matter how it gets subsequently used.

    Copyright protection extends to a description, explanation, or
    illustration of an idea or system, assuming that the requirements
    of the copyright law are met. Copyright in such a case protects
    the particular literary or pictorial expression chosen by the
    author. However, it gives the copyright owner no exclusive rights
    in the idea, method, or system involved.
    Suppose, for example, that an author writes a book explaining a
    new system for food processing. The copyright in the book, which
    comes into effect at the moment the work is fixed in a tangible
    form, will prevent others from publishing the text and
    illustrations describing the author’s ideas for machinery,
    processes, and merchandising methods. But it will not give the
    author any rights to prevent others from adopting the ideas for
    commercial purposes or from developing or using the machinery,
    processes, or methods described in the book.

You need to stop embarrassing yourself with displays of ignorance.

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