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Re: Microsoft needs a help strategy

From: Rjack
Subject: Re: Microsoft needs a help strategy
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 08:35:21 -0500
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David Kastrup wrote:
Rjack <> writes:

Hyman Rosen wrote:
Rjack wrote:
The GPL is a legal delusion in Richard Stallman's marxist mind.
It seems to be a solid enough delusion that Microsoft was very
careful to make sure that its code would not fall under that
Why would Microsoft ever want to give away their intellectual
property under a voidable contract like the GPL?


Hm?  They already distribute GPLed software.

A simple copy-and-distribute is perfectly alright under the GPL and is not controversial. The voidable, preempted provision of the GPL is section 2(b)'s modify-and-distribute term. Please demonstrate where Microsoft has modified-and-distributed GPL licensed code.

A federal court might not invalidate all the terms of the GPL. Some contracts have "severable" terms. The GPL is a bilateral contract with third party ("all third parties") intended beneficiaries. Since neither party in privity suffers detriment of consideration, the GPL probably has severable terms.

Rjack :)

-- The GPL is not a contract and the Earth is flat. --

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