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SocialDNS: Free Domains for a Free Internet

From: Pedro Garcia-Lopez
Subject: SocialDNS: Free Domains for a Free Internet
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 11:41:20 +0200

Hello all,

John Sullivan (FSF) invited me to present in this mailing list the SocialDNS project (
I am very interested in obtaining feedback from the GNU community because we want to  submit our project to the Free Software Directory soon.

SocialDNS is a free software project that aims to create a new Web Namespace for Web resources.
SocialDNS provides:

1) A Free Naming Service: It is possible to obtain Web Top Level Domains (WebTLDs) for free like go://gnu or go://slashdot and to manage its subdomains like go://gpl.gnu or go:// Users control this namespace and resolve all name assignment conflicts. Furthermore users add metainformation like tags and geotags when they register a domain name.

2) A Free Search Engine: It offers a search engine over metainformation related to domains. Furthermore, SocialDNS publishes in XML format its entire namespace database (domains, metainformation) and all the software is open source (GPL).

Our major aim is that SocialDNS becomes an open standard with massive adoption. We do not pretend to control the root Namespace, and we are open to third parties entering the system to resolve names. On the other hand, domain conflict resolution is open to all users. If we have many problems we can evolve to a more restricted moderator system similar to the Wikipedia.

In SocialDNS, all the information is public and free, the software is GPL and domain conflicts are managed by users.
We are preparing now a RFC proposal with the specification of the protocol. We will probably apply for the to:// scheme because go:// was already reserved in a Verisign RFC. In any case, we also believe that if SocialDNS is a success, the go:// scheme could also  be requested.

SocialDNS is now evolving and we invite developers to contribute and participate in the design of the project.
There are still a lot of open problems related to conflict resolution, improved search engine, security, ...

You can find us in

Thank you in advance !


Pedro Garcia Lopez
Universitat Rovira i Virgili
go://pedro (

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