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Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Re: SFLC's GPL court enforcement -- track record
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 16:25:14 +0200


> > 1. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
> > 2. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
> > 3. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.
> > 4. Voluntary Dismissal With Prejudice.
> > 5. Voluntary Dismissal Without Prejudice.

7. DEFAULT JUDGMENT "opened", first ever answer to the GPL complaint
interposed and "served forthwith":

10/06/2008 13 ENDORSED LETTER addressed to Judge Harold Baer from Lynn
M. Marvin dated 9/25/08 re: Counsel writes to send in courtesy copies of
defendants motion to lift entry of default judgment and interpose an
answer. Counsel also writes to advise the court that plaintiffs are not
opposing this motion; therefore the motion is fully briefed.
ENDORSEMENT: The defendant has met the elements required to open the
default. The default is opened and the answer attached to the memo of
law will be served forthwith and a PTC is scheduled for October 16, 2008
at 3:00 P.M. Please agree on a pretrial scheduling order if at all
possible. This case already has at least the beginning of whiskers., (
Pretrial Conference set for 10/16/2008 at 03:00 PM before Judge Harold
Baer.) (Signed by Judge Harold Baer on 10/5/08) (mme) (Entered:

10/06/2008 14 ANSWER to Complaint. Document filed by Bell Microproducts,
Inc..(Marvin, Lynn) (Entered: 10/06/2008) 


(GNG is a derecursive recursive derecursion which pwns GNU since it can 
be infinitely looped as GNGNGNGNG...NGNGNG... and can be said backwards 
too, whereas GNU cannot.)

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