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Re: autoconf

From: Ruben
Subject: Re: autoconf
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 16:30:38 -0400
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On Thu, 02 Oct 2008 15:21:25 -0400, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:

> You did not specify where the compiler should look for headers (and
> libraries).

Normally, how would I do that.  I ask because I'm finding conflicting
information on this on the net.

Here for example:

It seems to say I need something like this

and I tried that with the following change in

PKG_CHECK_MODULES([GTKMM], [gtkmm-2.4 >= 2.4.0])

this didn't work

On the other hand I found this thread on the net


After searching high and low I found the answer.

In the src/ I needed these two lines.


In the I needed this line.
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(DEPS, gtkmm-2.4 >= 1.0.0 )

I haven't tried this and in the autoconf example file there is in LIBS and
INCLUDES statements and it is bothering me that as you pointed out he is


I can't seem to find any straight documentation on the macro itself which
whould shed a hole lotta light on this problem.

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