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Re: Selling services using GPLed software

From: David Golden
Subject: Re: Selling services using GPLed software
Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 20:02:21 +0100
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Nikola Skoric wrote:

> It seems to me that only case in which you are obligated to provide
> sorce code is if you are distributing your application. But, what
> about web apps with which you can make money without distributing
> them. For instance, is developed around phpBB3,
> and is developed around phpBB2. And both of them are
> making money with their software, but they do not provide their source
> code. Is there any part of GPL forbidding that?

No. The "Affero GPL" [1] (see section 13) is an attempt to address some
people's concerns in that area, but is a different license to the GPL


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