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EEE PC Linux distro to target smaller devices

From: Ruben
Subject: EEE PC Linux distro to target smaller devices
Date: Fri, 02 May 2008 21:45:52 -0400
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EEE PC Linux distro to target smaller devices

Linux desktop distribution vendor Xandros and Web content management firm
Viyya Technologies have announced they will jointly market integrated,
Linux-based software for "netbook" and Mobile Internet Device (MID)
devices. Meanwhile, Xandros has strengthened its collaboration with
Microsoft on its mixed-environment BridgeWays management tools.

Viyya is primarily known for its Windows-based push content management
software, including Viyya Professional Edition and Viyya Enterprise
Edition, which are based on its XScript extraction engine. The Viyya
software is said to interact with RSS feeds and search engines, automating
and customizing the way business users collect, process, distribute, and
store data.

Viyya Professional Edition software in action

Xandros is known for its Windows-like Linux distribution, which has been
dubbed by one DesktopLinux reviewer as "the best Linux desktop distro for
Windows users." Currently in version 4, the distro is bundled with the
popular Asus Eee mini-notebook. Now apparently, the company plans to go
after the even smaller format netbooks and the coming onslaught of
tablet-like MIDs based on the Intel Mobile Internet Device spec, which
appears to blur the lines between desktop and embedded realms.

Viyya says it signed a letter of intent with Xandros, with a formal
agreement to follow within a month. There were few hints as to the nature
of the planned software, except to promise it would "enable end-users to
quickly access and utilize relevant information" and would "yield millions
of dollars in revenues" for the two companies in the coming years.

After its acquisition of Scalix, last year, Xandros also sells the
open-source Scalix email and calendaring software, and it is increasingly
moving into mixed-environment management tools via its BridgeWays

Earlier this week, Xandros announced a beta of its Xandros BridgeWays
Management Packs at the Microsoft Management Summit. The new product
follows up on a broad collaborative agreement between Xandros and
Microsoft in June of last year, which included a somewhat controversial
intellectual property assurance, similar to one hatched between Redmond
and Novell, under which Microsoft will provide patent covenants for
Xandros customers.

The new Bridgeways for Microsoft System Center (MSC) is said to extend the
capabilities of the MSC to heterogeneous environments, says Xandros,
enabling system administrators to monitor and manage Apache and MySQL on
Windows, Linux, and Solaris from within the MSC Operations Manager 2007.
Future versions will extend the support to Oracle Database, Oracle
Application Server, IBM WebSphere, and VMware. Xandros has recently
released a somewhat similar BridgeWays Management Console for Red Hat
Enterprise Linux.

Stated Andreas Typaldos, CEO of Xandros, "We've been working with Viyya
products during the past year because of our belief in the content
management space and our interest in working with a product line that can
generate annual recurring revenue for us and our channel partners. Viyya
will benefit from our strength in working with PC/Netbook, Laptop, and MID

Stated John Bay, CEO of Viyya, "We expect that Viyya will greatly benefit
in new sales from this relationship over the next couple of years."

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