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GNU General Public License v2 Question

From: NvrBst
Subject: GNU General Public License v2 Question
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:12:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Theres a program I'd like to use (SetACL.exe).  Its licened with
GPLv2.  I've read most the of GNU FAQ's but still a little confused.

Basically, I have a commersial program.  I want InstallShield to use
SetACL.exe (GPLv2) to set ASPNET permissions on some registry settings
so my programs ASPX config web page can edit these registry settings.

This type of situation is okay with GPLv2 correct?  Say I just have a
folder "SetACL" and it has the "SetACL.exe" and the GPLv2 text file in
it?  Or since my software is being sold and distrubuited to people who
buy it, would I be forced to put the source code of SetACL into the
folder as well?

Is the GNU Licence file even needed? IE Can I just put the SetACL.exe
in a bin folder with the rest of my set-up exes?  Its the origional
version of the file, no modifcations on my part.  If I'm including the
licence file with SetACL.exe, woudln't it confuse some people as to
what file that licence acts on (IE only SetACL.exe, nothing else).

If someone could clear these up for me I'd be greatful :)


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