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Verizon calls SFLC bluff

From: rjack
Subject: Verizon calls SFLC bluff
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 13:52:33 -0400
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The SFLC admitted today that Verizon Communications Inc. called their bluff over GPL enforcement.

"BusyBox Developers Agree To End GPL Lawsuit Against Verizon...
The settlement calls for Actiontec to appoint an Open Source Compliance Officer as well as ensuring that Actiontec properly makes available the BusyBox source code that it uses. Additionally Actiontec will pay BusyBox an 'undisclosed' financial sum."

For all the GPL supporters out there, a spelling lesson is in order:

"Verizon" is not spelled A-c-t-i-o-n-t-e-c. Notice the sneaky substitution of Actiontec for Verizon?

Verizon and Actiontec are legally distinct corporations.

1) Andersen and Landley via SFLC sued Verizon.

2) Verizon told the SFLC to kiss their royal corporate ass.

3) The SFLC in order to save face, quickly substituted "Actiontec" for "Verizon" and then claimed a "settlement" victory with Actiontec -- a "defendant" party that was never even captioned in the lawsuit.

The SFLC now has a perfect record of voluntarily dismissing every GPL lawsuit they have ever filed prior to a federal judge so much as reading the title of the GPL.

The average cowpie is approximately 4 inches high. The SFLC has now built a pile of voluntary dismissal bullshit one foot high concerning GPL "enforcability".


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