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Re: "My dad is a pirate."

From: Dustin Cook
Subject: Re: "My dad is a pirate."
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 17:25:04 GMT
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Alexander Terekhov <> wrote in"> 

> Dustin Cook wrote:
> [...]
>> thiefed (hehehe) your car, you wouldn't have it anymore. If I copied
>> it, you still have yours. How have I stolen yours then?
> 003/1172/ANE (Mercedes may sue over China Smart look-a-like)
> (Mercedes and BMW angry over Chinese knock-offs)
> (The Chinese fully ignore copyrights)
> regards,
> alexander.
> --
> "Notwithstanding Jacobsen's confused discussion of unilateral
> contracts, bilateral contracts, implied licenses, "licenses to the
> world" and "bare" licenses in his Appellant's Brief, the issue at hand
> is fairly simple."
>   -- Brief of Appellees (CAFC 2008-1001).

Ah yes, the old look and feel debate. I don't agree with that concept 

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