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4 OOXML links: "Deprecated before use", BRM access, patents, pic

From: Ciaran O'Riordan
Subject: 4 OOXML links: "Deprecated before use", BRM access, patents, pic
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2008 10:37:27 +0000
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With ISO's Ballot Resolution Meeting taking place Feb 25th-29th, discussion
of the OOXML format and the ISO process is heating up again.  Here are four
documents that were published today (or at least I found them today):

DIS-29500: Deprecated before use? by Georg Greve
About OOXML's original purpose of preserving compatibility with an
idiosyncratic format, how the changes to the format now exclude that
compatibility, and how complexity and lack of a re-useable source code
reference implementation makes implementation impractical or impossible.

A Pre-BRM Miscellany, by Rob Weir
"Photo ID requirements, badged access to the meeting room, prohibitions
against cameras and recording devices, no observers, no press."
(thanks to Sean Daly for this link)

Developers warned over OOXML patent risk, by Brett Winterford,39044164,62037862,00.htm
ZDNet Australia article about concern over the means of terms in Microsoft's
Open Specification Promise

A picture of a printed copy of the OOXML spec :-)
(I hope there was a good reason for making this printed copy.  It will
surely never be read.  At least publicising this picture makes it less
likely that someone else will think it necessary to also do a printing.)

FWIW, I put these four links in a blog entry too:

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