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Re: "My dad is a pirate."

From: Banty
Subject: Re: "My dad is a pirate."
Date: 14 Feb 2008 17:08:20 -0800
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In article <slrnfr9fe8.eei.jedi@nomad.mishnet>, JEDIDIAH says...
>On 2008-02-14, Johnny Rocket <> wrote:
>> On Feb 14, 4:27 pm, wrote:
>>> In the sacred domain of comp.os.linux.advocacy,
>>> chrisv <chr...@nospam.invalid> didnst hastily scribble thusly:
>>> > wrote:
>>> >>In the sacred domain of comp.os.linux.advocacy,
>>> >>chrisv <chr...@nospam.invalid> didnst hastily scribble thusly:
>>> >>> Ingoramus21499 wrote:
>>> >>>>Anyhow, my question is that of child rearing. I have a 6 year old.
>>> >>>>Should I tell him that "your dad is a pirate" or not? Would it hurt
>>> >>>>him to know that his dad is a pirate?
>>> >>> Doesn't matter.  In either case, he'll eventually figure-out that
>>> >>> you're an immoral, thieving scumbag.
>>> >>What's he stolen?
>>> > Music and movies.
>>> He has?
>>> I don't recall him admitting engaging in shoplifting or burglary.
>>> He didn't even admit to mugging someone for a DVD or CD they were
>>> carrying... So... what did he steal?
>>> What physical property did he deprive some other entity (be it person or
>>> company) of?
>>> Copying a file is not theft because the so called "victim" is not deprived
>>> of the original.
>You are trying to conflate things that are mass produced and
>distributed as widely as possible with SECRETS.
>Who's the idiot.
>The harm that tends to come from the abuse of secrets doesn't
>come from merely from the fact that the information has been

OK.  So - would you care to address his *other* points??  Below...

And while you're doing this, can you respond *after* the part you're responding
to, which is the convention?

>> Idiot. So "identity theft" isn't a crime because no physical property
>> was stolen and the "victim" still gets to keep their name?
>> Or "stealing" the recipe for Coca-Cola isn't a crime because Coke
>> still has the original formula so there's no damage their either?
>> Or "stealing" military secrets isn't a crime because no physical
>> property was stolen and the USA still gets to keep their nukes?
>> You are simply an IDIOT. Do yourself a favor and return your piece of
>> shit degree back to the website you bought it from. It wasn't worth
>> the $5 you paid for it.


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