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(Maybe OFF-TOPIC) Free Training Model and Standards

From: Bruno Moreira Guedes
Subject: (Maybe OFF-TOPIC) Free Training Model and Standards
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2008 21:27:34 -0200

Hello all.

Firstly, I'm sorry if I'm beging off-topic. I'm not sure because I
didn't find any 'more adequated' list. And, as I'm not a native
english speaker, it's possible that I do mistakes and bad
explanations... But I'll try!

In the last times, I used to get more money teaching GNU/Linux-related
courses. During some years working with the operating system, I get
some experiece and I want to share that, and, of course, get help with
my finances.

But, in the last weeks I had an idea. I've seen that commercial
software related courses in Brazil(I just know about here) are
generally following some 'defaults'. As an example, I may say that
people know as "basic computing course"('course' is used as an
expression for training) a Windows and MS Office training. Of course
we know that it's a bad idea.

But, by the other hand, we have a 'standard' about commercial software
related courses and course sequences. Sampling... Somebody learn
"basic computing", and after learn how to use some specific software,
and many times this is modularized in "basic" and "advanced".

I don't know how it's classified in the other places around the world,
but I think it's like here(or here is like in the rest of the world).

But when the subject is free softwares, there are no 'standards'.

The my idea is to create a "free training model" license, for everyone
which wants to write training models and share with other teachers.
And, create a consortium to make a "standard set" of training models.

The standard is too many useful for teachers. Suppose that somebody
want to make a GNU/Linux Systems Administrating training, at some
school which splits the course in GNU/Linux Systems Administrating I
and GNU/Linux Systems Administrating II. The student course the first
in some school in NY. But, the student change to anywhere in Texas,
where some school don't split the course. It's bad!!

So, I want to know if there's some kind of project which already do
it... Or, how to start some kind of project doing it.

[]'s Bruno

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