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Re: I really don't know where to post this. GPL License question

From: Spenceee
Subject: Re: I really don't know where to post this. GPL License question
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:57:25 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 15, 1:42 am, nicolas vigier <> wrote:
> On 2008-01-14, <> wrote:
> > Our application, (the client part) has a list of documents in it,
> > which the users can double click.  We would like the double click to
> > open a piece of software (currently a hosted adobe reader, which is
> > slow, terrible and has a multitude of issues), and replace this with
> > the GPL sumatra code.  Our application would "launch" the GPL code
> > section, but do nothing else than use it.
> I think that if you make it clear that your software and the pdf viewer
> are separate programs, then there is no problem, there is no chance
> that your software can be considered a derivative work of the pdf viewer.
> However if you make this GPL code live in the same process as your
> software (by using dynamic libraries for instance, instead of starting
> an other process with the file you want to open as an argument) this is
> not so clear.

Thank you very much everyone for your input, I do appreciate it.
Certainly given me some food for thought.  It's interesting to see
what open source can achieve when given a goal to achieve.

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