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Re: Free Software Lifestyle

From: Andrew Gray
Subject: Re: Free Software Lifestyle
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 16:50:30 -0800
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Miles Bader wrote:
"Koh Choon Lin" <> writes:
Nobody around me in life and work communicated using ODF or TXT and
people just assumed I am crazy to use them.

You have to understand that non-free-software people are often a bit slow...


In many cases you can't blame them for being slow. Not only is their only known option a proprietary format, but tons of sites, including specifically education services such as, to this date do not accept open document formats for uploads while accepting most other formats. At least they take TXT, or I would have been out on several essays for the past few years, although I still lost points because it wasn't formatted "correctly".

Andrew Gray
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